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Grand Prize Workshops

We have extended our teaming up with Microsoft to continue our Workshops through this Summer of 2017!

Our Workshops started on April 8th, we have been meeting every Saturday from 6 to 8 pm and we have been having a lot of fun!
Follow us on Twitter and stay up to speed!

We have several more Workshops […]

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HackTJ 2017 Winners

We are excited to announce the Winners for the Grid Creator Prizes and the BigParser API Trophy at HackTJ 2017.


API Trophy
Crime Fighter : An Android Mobile app to visualize Crime Data on a map using the BigParser API and find high versus low density crime regions

Alexa Skill
Pickup Sports: Nearby Game an Alexa skill powered by […]

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Big Parser is excited to be at HackTJ March 25-26! We can’t wait to see all the awesome Mobile Apps, Alexa Skills, Chatbots and Grids the participating teams will create.
To make your life simple at HackTJ we have created this list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :

1. About BigParser

BigParser offers a new way […]

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BigParser API Overview

Let’s help you get started with understanding the BigParser API basics and how to use it.

1. BigParser API Introduction

BigParser API is incredibly powerful and simple to use. It helps you easily store data in as files and easily retrieve data with a simple search based API call.
The API is RESTful. All methods must be called […]

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BigParser API and Grid Grand Prize

So, your team has built a powerful Grid, Mobile App, Alexa Skill or Chatbot using the BigParser API.

Maybe, your Grid won the BigParser API and Grid Trophy and was recognized for its Highest Potential for impact.

Yet, it may just be the beginning.

..a few thoughts to consider…

There is nothing worse than wasted potential
Only you know […]

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BigParser API and Grid Trophy

BigParser API allows developers to build powerful experiences using the Grids within BigParser, and make life simple.

These experiences include but are not limited to:
1. Mobile Apps
2. Alexa Skills
3. ChatBots

..why do we need a Trophy..

We recently instituted the Grid Creator Prize to Honor valuable Contributions within the Grid Creator Community.

All Grids the community […]

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Tips for Grid Creators

If {you are convinced about the need for Creating a Grid + need help Getting Started} ;

Then {you have come to the right place!};

This post can give you some useful tips and examples.

Grid submission can be done on the #new-submission channel; requires you to join the Grid Creators server.

1. New Submission

Submission of a grid is […]

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Grid Creator Prize

We are excited to engage with our rapidly growing Grid Creator Community!

..several months ago..

When we started out, the idea of Public grids was mainly to give our users a way to experience the power of the Grid.

Our community then, just a handful of people, spent several hours / weeks creating Grids on topics we thought […]

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BigParser at HackTJ

Big Parser is excited to be at HackTJ March 25-26! We can’t wait to see all the impactful grids the students will create. At Big Parser we believe in making life simple by connecting the world’s data. We are looking forward to reaching out to students interested in both STEM and our mission.

HackTJ is […]

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Mission Critical

Backstory : How we found our Mission and why is it Critical to have a Mission

When my co-founder and I started BigParser.com – we simply wanted – to “do good”.

Like many Entrepreneurs, we were both inspired by products like Google. We also were in realization that Search in general and web search […]

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