Grand Prize Winners

Grand Prize Winners win Big !

So, your team has built a powerful Grid, Mobile App, Alexa Skill or Chatbot using the BigParser API.

Maybe, your Grid won the BigParser API and Grid Trophy and was recognized for its Highest Potential for impact.

Yet, it may just be the beginning.

..a few thoughts to consider

There is nothing worse than wasted potential
Only you know your own potential
So, if you did not win the Creator Prize or API Trophy, you could still win the Grand Prize
Winning a Grid Creator Prize or even the API Trophy , is just the start

..the real work lies ahead..

Make the world realize the true potential, of your creation

We believe that creating an app is not enough, ensuring that it creates sustainable impact is key. While, sustainability of the impact is hard to determine, there is one thing we can do. Measure how good you get off the starting blocks. As, we also believe that well begun, is half done. So, if your Grid can create meaningful impact in the first 30 days then it will, likely do its job in the long run.

Lets, make life simple for as many people as we can using the power of your Grid, and may the best team be the Grand Prize Winner.

..a winner will be chosen..

Over the course of 70 days starting March 26th 2017, All Qualifying Teams* will compete for the Grand Prize. During this period BigParser will measure the impact created by each of the grids through adoption and daily active usage of the created Grids.

*If your team did not win the Grid Creator Prize or the API Trophy, you can request your Community Lead to submit a qualification by ‘exception’ request, if you strongly feel that your Grid deserves a second chance and that it has significant potential to win the Grand Prize.

Winning Criteria
1. Highest Daily Active Usage
2. Highest Weekly Active Usage
3. Highest Monthly Active Usage

The winner will be chosen based on a weighted average of the Highest Daily, Weekly and Monthly usage for their Grid / underlying Grid.

*For Mobile Apps, Alexa Skills and Chatbots the usage of the underlying Grid that is accessed via the BigParser API will be considered as the usage measure.
** You may be required to submit detailed statistics and logs of downloads, usage of your Mobile App, Alexa Skill or Chatbot.


1. Individual (Named) Grand Prize Certificates
2. Grand Prize Winner T-Shirts to each team member
3. $800+ worth BigParser iPhone7s for each team member
4. $200+ worth BigParser iPhone7s Leather Cases for each team member

Grand Prize Photos will be Revealed on March 25th

Visit us at HackTJ 2017 at 2 pm to see the Live Reveal of the Grand Prizes.

..Share your app or grid with others..

Real impact will be created, when real people use the Grid, App, Skill or Bot that you have created. Here are some ways you can improve your chances of making a real impact and winning the Grand Prize :

a) Create a Video and Share via Youtube, Facebook and other social channels
b) Promote your App, Skill or Bot via Growth Hacking techniques
c) Organize an Event targeted at the groups of users who would benefit the most from your app

If you have questions, or need any help, please ask your Community Lead or connect with us on Twitter @bigparser

Grand Prize Winner will be announced at TJ Stars on June 6th, 2017

All participants must adhere to the BigParser Terms and Policies and in case of any disputes, the decision of BigParser Management will be final.

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