Unlock your Potential

Creating Grids and Apps with Highest Potential, using the BigParser API

BigParser API allows developers to build powerful experiences using the Grids within BigParser, and make life simple.

These experiences include but are not limited to:
1. Mobile Apps
2. Alexa Skills
3. ChatBots

..why do we need a Trophy..

We recently instituted the Grid Creator Prize to Honor valuable Contributions within the Grid Creator Community.

All Grids the community creates, have the potential to make life simple, some more than others.

We wanted a way to identify a Grid that has the Highest Potential, to make life simple.

Answering this question was a hard one, so we felt that the best way to do this would be to let the community vote and also have a team of experts evaluate.

Eligibility Criteria
1. The App* you Create Must leverage the BigParser API
2. The App* must use an Existing BigParser Grid or you can Create your own BigParser Public Grid
3. The App* must be a Mobile App, Alexa Skill, ChatBot or other eligible app
4. The App* must be Free to Download and Use

*App can simply be in one of the following categories Grid (leveraging the BigParser Grids app) or a Mobile App, Alexa Skill or Chatbot. If your app is not in one of the listed categories, pls ask your Community Lead to confirm via email if your app is eligible for the API and Grid Trophy.


1. Individual (Named) Grid Creator / App Developer Certificates given to each team member for their contribution
2. $20 Gift Cards, 1 for each team member who contributed
3. Competition Winner to each team member (based on first come first served and availability)
4. $250 worth Prize for your team / group (based on selection of your Grid for public use)
5. BigParser API and Grid Trophy

We invite you to Participate & Collaborate

You can win, only if you are in the Race.
Letting others know usually helps.
So submit your nominations at the Workshop and then let everyone know you are in the Race!
If you have questions, please ask your Community Lead or connect with us on Twitter @bigparser

..a winner will be chosen..

As you may be aware, we will be giving away our first 10 Grid Creator Prizes at HackTJ 2017.

At the same time a Panel of Experts guided by the Votes from across our entire Community will make the determination as to which Grid, Alexa Skill, Mobile App or Chatbot has the Highest Potential to create impact on peoples lives, by making life simple.
(Eligible Grids, Skills, Apps or Bots must leverage Data within BigParser Grids and the BigParser API)

Join us at HackTJ on 25th March, 2017 at 2 pm ET.

Trophy Winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony at HackTJ 2017.

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