Hackathon 2017

Big Parser is excited to be at HackTJ March 25-26! We can’t wait to see all the impactful grids the students will create. At Big Parser we believe in making life simple by connecting the world’s data. We are looking forward to reaching out to students interested in both STEM and our mission.

HackTJ is a student-run hackathon at TJHSST, where students will have 24 hours to learn how to code and make their ideas come to life.

We will have lots of fun swag at our booth including, t-shirts, water bottles and ping pong balls. Be sure to stop by!

Exciting Prizes at HackTJ

1. Grid Creator Prize : We will give away 10 of these prizes at HackTJ, to those who create the most awesone grids.
2. API & Grids Trophy : 1 Proud Winner gets this at the end of HackTJ, for creating the Grid or App with the highest potential for impact.
3. API & Grids Grand Prize : 1 Winning Team gets this on April 31st for creating real impact.

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BigParser TShirt (Back)

BigParser TShirt (Back)

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