We are excited to engage with our rapidly growing Grid Creator Community!

..several months ago..

When we started out, the idea of Public grids was mainly to give our users a way to experience the power of the Grid.

Our community then, just a handful of people, spent several hours / weeks creating Grids on topics we thought would be interesting.
We picked a set of varied topics like Movies, Restaurants, Menus and more.

It was not long before we realized that Public Grids and could impact many more people, and in significant ways.

This soon became a concrete belief as we saw people from the community step forward to help our mission by Creating Public Grids, and led to term “Grid Creators

Grid Creators, work voluntarily with one specific aim, that the Public Grid they create will truly help Save a Life and Make Life Simple for people trying to Save Lives.

Grid Creators

Where was Alex in this Photo? Guess he went to get Coffee!, now is the time…

Grid Creators need to be recognized for the Great Work! they do for Public Good.

What better way to do that, than to Honor their effort with a token of appreciation.

We hereby institute the Grid Creator Prize

As Grid Creators work in teams of 3 or more people, this prize is aimed to recognize both individual and team contribution.

Eligibility Criteria
1. The Grid you create must be for Public Good
2. The Data in the Grid must be from Public Sources and Licensed for Free Public Use and Free Redistribution
3. The Data Model must be unique and follow the Grid Data Model Best Practices


1. Individual (Named) Grid Creator Certificates given to each team member for their contribution
2. $100 Gift Card, 1 for each team member who contributed (your grid must be approved, completed and submitted for community contribution)
3. Grid Creator T-Shirt to each team member (based on first come first served and availability)

You have been Nominated

You are automatically nominated to the Grid Creator Prize nominee list, if you have already contributed a Public Grid to BigParser.
If not, please ask your Community Lead or connect with us on Twitter @bigparser

Did you Win!

We will be giving away our first 10 Grid Creator Prizes at HackTJ 2017.
Join us at HackTJ on 25th March, 2017 at 2 pm ET.
Winners will be announced during HackTJ 2017.

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