We are excited to announce the Winners for the Grid Creator Prizes and the BigParser API Trophy at HackTJ 2017.


API Trophy
Crime Fighter : An Android Mobile app to visualize Crime Data on a map using the BigParser API and find high versus low density crime regions

Alexa Skill
Pickup Sports: Nearby Game an Alexa skill powered by the Big Parser API

Grid Creator Prizes
Colonial Connect : A grid to connect with TJ Alumni and their info
Nintendo Games : A grid for Nitendo game fanatics and collectors
Pocket Protector : An Android and Webapp on Crime around DC
CodeCreatR : A webapp to simplify their life when learning how to code, easily find code errors, using stack exchange and other open sites
NBA Players : A webapp to search for NBA player stats
PodStock : A share economny webapp for people to pool in dollars to make investments
StockClock : An iOS App for Stock Predictions using the BigParser API
MoneyCat : A webapp for Money Markets
Netflix Film Search : Search all movies on Netflix and compare with Movies.grid using the BigParser API

Special Mentions
FirstAid : A web app to instantly find the bes Khan Aademy videos, BigParser API
SlimSearch : A Webapp to search across Google, Bing and Yahoo
AutoPresent : A Webapp to convert speech to a presentation, plans to use the BigParser API as their primary datastore
Language.grid : A grid to translate english to other languages
BigMarketPricer : An app to find good deals on Craislist, Ebay

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Please look for an email from BigParser about our upcoming workshop on April 8th. Prizes to those who did not receive them on the day of will be given on April 8th. If you did not receive an email by Monday April 3rd, please email us at support (at) bigparser (dot) com

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Grand API Workshop

Date: April 8th
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: Tysons Corner (details will be sent via email to all HackTJ Participants)

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A Big thank you to all 400+ Participants at HackTJ 2017. We were truly delighted to see the enthusiasm and energy shown by teams working with the BigParser API and creating Grids.

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