Frequently Asked Questions at Hackathons

Big Parser is excited to be at HackTJ March 25-26! We can’t wait to see all the awesome Mobile Apps, Alexa Skills, Chatbots and Grids the participating teams will create.
To make your life simple at HackTJ we have created this list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) :

1. About BigParser

BigParser offers a new way to search. It uses the power of Grids (connected data).
The Grids are powered by an Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Platform, that runs in the Cloud.
BigParser was recently a Top 3 Best Tech Start-up in DC.

2. BigParser at HackTJ

Presentation: BigParser team will be giving a 3 minute presentation at the opening. You can get to see the API Trophy and learn about the Prizes they are offering.

BigParser API Workshop: BigParser team will be conducting a 45 minute API Workshop

API Workshop

BigParser API Workshop Agenda

Set your alarm for 5:30 pm ! BigParser API Workshop

BigParser Booth: There will be a booth in the main hall where you can get Swag!

Command Center: There will be a 24 Hour Command Center, where you can get help on the APIs from Community Leaders.

3. Must Do’s & Must Reads

1. Recommended Must Do’s

a) Attend BigParser Presentation at 3 pm
b) Attend BigParser API Workshop at 5:30 pm, Mar 25th Saturday.
c) Collect your Care Package (API Packet + Candy + Water)
d) Collect your T-Shirt (Grid Creators only!, limited stocks, first to booth wins)
e) Create Grids / Apps. Read this before getting started.
f) Seek Help from BigParser Community Leaders (look for someone wearing a t-shirt like the one below)

Community Leader

Look for someone wearing this!

g) Submit your Grid or App
h) Attend Closing, See if you won!
i) Attend Free Workshops: April 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (in Reston or Tysons Corner). Learn how you can still win the Grand Prize!

2. Recommended Must Read’s / Useful Links
a) Grid Creator Prize : 10 Prizes to those who Create Grids, and help connect the world’s data.
b) Grid Creator Tips: Read helpful tips on how to create grids
c) Grid Chat: Chat server for Grid Creators.
d) #newsubmission: Channel to submit your New Grid idea.
e) #modelreview : Channel to submit your Grid Data Model for review.
f) Developer Community: Chat server for the developer community.
g) BigParser API Trophy : Learn more about the Trophy.
h) API Grand Prize : Learn more about the Grand Prize.
i) API Overview: One comprehensive post about the BigParser API.
j) API Starter Pack : A detailed document that tells you how to get your computer set-up, download the right tools and get started with using the API.
k) API Overview : This is a detailed document which contains all the information about the different BigParser API methods and how to use them
l) API Developer Guide: How to build Apps, Skills, Bots.
m) API Sandbox Service: Try out the API.
n) API Param Descriptions : Important params, you must know.
o) Sample OpenSource Code: Open source code.

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