Do you remember the World Before Google ?
Google helped us solve the problem of finding relevant webpages:
But, that was over ’15 years ago!’ (Google started in 1998)
In the past 15 years the world has changed !

Today we use more than 1 device, 30+ apps to get to Millions of websites which have Billions of images, posts and videos.

It’s almost sad to think of the ‘YouTube Explosion’ and useful videos you may get to never watch.

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We live in a ‘Huxlean society’ today !

As a result everyone is fighting for everyone else’s attention. 

We do this by creating more and more information, shamelessly duplicated, ruthlessly SEO optimized, liberally spammed, and deliberately remarketed.

The result ! We are not respecting each other’s time and sometimes not even our own time, when the campaigns we create boomerang back to our inboxes

Thanks! to Social Media we are still able to find ‘interesting information’ if notuseful information’.

Also, maybe thanks to your spouse! if they spend a great deal of time on the Web.

Not all of us have a industrious Spouse, co-worker or friend who will do the hardwork of finding us what we need !

The rest of us are simply letting ‘useful information’ drown in ‘sea of duplication‘ as the web continues to be eaten by the ‘universe of spam

Now Imagine a New World where :
1. All the ‘useful information‘ is ‘neatly organized‘.

2. There is no ‘bad duplication‘. Not all duplication is bad. (Look out for a post coming soon on Good Duplication, Bad Duplication)

3. You can easily showcase your work, business, product or service for free ! Yes! No need to pay for Advertising!

4. You decided what notifications you want and there is No More Spam.

5. Where peer to peer ratings ensure the end of spam

Won’t that Make Life Simple ! 

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