Backstory : How we found our Mission and why is it Critical to have a Mission

When my co-founder and I started – we simply wanted – to “do good”.

Like many Entrepreneurs, we were both inspired by products like Google. We also were in realization that Search in general and web search in particular was missing something…people need something beyond what Google had to offer…we clear on the problem area…or so we thought.

Yet, Every few weeks we would have a case of feeling lost .. as if, we were not sure, we felt we were trying to be all things to all people…

So, we wanted to be(at) a search engine … Fortunately … That’s the nature of the beast, it is ‘all things search engine to all people’

…several things happened….many months passed…

So one day we sat down and forced ourselves to answer the question >

“why are we doing this ?”

Why are we doing this?

Question word why on four wood cubes on table with aged wood.

This forced us to ask a deeper question to ourselves almost in a spiritual way:

“why am I here ?”

…and that led us to define our mission

Make Life Simple by Connecting the World’s Data”

The words came as self realization, and our logical minds understood them as follows

1. Google usually gets us the webpages we need, instantly! (so long as we put in the right ‘keywords’)
2. But – the Data that we need is buried inside several of those result links (webpages)
3. We still have to manually “parse” (scroll, scan, understand) and get what we want (copy, paste) out of those pages

“BigParser” now really meant something to us…the ability to ‘parse’ anything no matter how big…and present it in a simple Grid like manner.

…it was probably always staring in our faces, just that we were failing to see it.

This mission has helped us:

1. Stay Honest :
Every time a new idea or feature or user suggestion or business opportunity comes along > we ask ourselves this simple question > “how does this align to our Mission, does it take us closer or away.”

2. Rise to the Top :
We made Top 3 List in the Best Tech Startups in DC
We competed with 150 other companies and made it.

3. Grow Faster :
We signed-up new several new Partners, Large Brand Clients and Created half a dozen New Use Cases that will help our next cycle of growth.

But most importantly Build a Community that believes in the mission like we do.

If you are a Community Member reading this, Thank you! for Believing in our Mission and joining forces.

If you are new here, we could encourage you to Join the Community!

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